Thirty consecutive days of abstinence from drugs and/or alcohol minimum for playing eligibility. All participants are to be a recovering alcoholic and/or addict and currently involved in a drug or alcohol related 12-step support program. This includes Al-Anon Family Group (AFG).

A.     Involved clarification: To remain eligible, a player must be active in at least one of following:

1.      12-Step Home Group

2.      Sponsorship

3.      Sponsee of an Active member

4.      Currently participating in recognized service work

5.      Regularly attend 12-Step meetings

B.     Family Exemption:  Each team is allowed two exempt (or non-recovering) players per roster, per year. Non-recovering players must be an eligible person's wife, husband, or significant other, (suggested a minimum of 90 days for relationship exemptions). Non-Recovering children must be 16 years old and a maximum of 18 years old at the beginning of tournament play.  Minimum thirty (30) consecutive day’s drug and/or alcohol abstinence still applies.

C.     Once electing to participate in championship play on a registered team, the player may not play in any other division during the current year unless player qualifies under Transfer of Employment.

D.     A player may participate as a regular rostered player on only one team within a Division during a season unless the player qualifies under subsection B - Transfer of Employment.

E.      Protest of player eligibility can be made or appealed at any time. Eligibility protests cannot be waived by local notice.

F.      Player Eligibility Protest: The following guideline has been set to administer CSSA eligibility




a.       It is the responsibility of each CSSA member to ‘police themselves’ in regards to breaking of abstinence and eligibility.

b.      ‘Eye-witness’ accounts will be the only evidence regarding the breaking of eligibility. Rumor and speculation will NOT be sufficient.

c.       To report an eligibility violation, players report to their coach or the coach of the suspected violator.

d.      In the event the issue cannot be resolved at the coaches level, the issue will be brought before the Division council members for review and possible hearing.

e.   In the event the issue cannot be resolved at the Division level, the issue will be brought before the Eligibility Committee of the CSSA for review and possible hearing.